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IPCO Means Feeling Freshness
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    New way to enjoy tobacco by touch therapy without smoking or chewing tobacco. How to use IPCO ?. Gently rub it for 3 to 4 min. with finger or brush on the gums and rinse your mouth with water. You do not swallow tobacco, tar, supari, chemicals or any harmful materials as in gutka or chewing tobacco. By smoking cigarettes you not only inhale tobacco tar but also harmful smoke of chemicals used for treating paper of those cigarettes. Ayurved is saying clove oil is best medicine for mouth & teeth infections. Homeopathy solicits spearmint and menthol. Unanis are recommending Camphor. Allopathy suggests glycerine for initial clearing. IPCO has all these ingredients. Thus by using IPCO you can enjoy tobacco and avert its harmful effects.
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  • New MRP 2022 : 195/- Per Piece.